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The joy of Pranayama at Kent and Medway Prehabilitation

13th August 2021

Kent and Medway prehab proudly presents a four-week course focussed on using breathing exercises to integrate anxiety management with their personalised exercise programmes.

Building on the ancient Yoga practice of Pranayama, the course will be open to all our patients, suitability and referral would be via their Prehab specialist instructors. The four-week course is delivered as a group session to allow peer support by a trained Yoga teacher via our brilliant Tele Health format which has received universally positive feedback from our users.

Personalisation to add maximal benefit for our users is at the core of all we do. Based on the information provided to the Yoga Teacher by your instructor, we would be assigning participants to different levels of training. The Teacher would explain the benefits which are centred around developing resilience, calmness and mindfulness would be explored with the participants during each session by the teacher.

The first course starts on 26th August 2021. Kent and Medway Prehab- supporting you every step of the journey.

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