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Kent & Medway’s prehab programme launches patient steering group

17th March 2020

Ahead of the launch of the community prehabilitation programme in Medway, Dr Tarannum Rampal and colleagues Roberto and James held their first patient steering group meeting.

Former cancer patients, who had completed the hospital-based prehab programme before their surgery, attended the meeting to discuss their experiences, how the programme helped them and what improvements could be made.

Barbara, 87, who took part in the prehab programme for four months before her surgery in May 2019 said, “The diet and exercise advice was vital. Before I went in for surgery, I felt fitter than I had in years and sharing the experience with other patients was really important. It made you feel like you weren’t alone and helped encourage a little healthy competition on the exercise bikes.”

Dr Rampal said:

“We are very grateful to our patients for joining us and sharing their valuable feedback to help shape and improve this innovative programme. We want to make sure this is a useful and successful service and ensuring the patient voice is heard as we develop is vital.”

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